Jayden Harris-Shute digital leader speech

Why should I be chosen as a digital leader?

Because i am confident and I have good ICT skills and would like to help others with their own ICT skills.

I also believe that staying safe online is very important and if I am chosen for a digital leader then I will make sure that I help everyone learn how to stay safe.

I enjoy helping my friends and I think this would make me a good digital leader too.

And that’s why I should be a digital leader!


Digital Leader

I want to be a digital leader because I love exploring technology.

I am kind and patient if other children need help and can also

explain things in detail until other understand. I would be a 

good digital leader because I know the basic things like typing,

searching and am very keen to learn more.😃



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3 top tips about being a digital leader!

To be amazing Digital Leader you need to do fallow these simple rules ….

  1. Make sure your safe online all the time
  2. You have to be confidant to help others and answer to their questions
  3. Help others